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Why [Language] Teachers Should Use Google Docs

I am a Google Doc LOVER. I say that without any shame at all. I think working on a Google Doc is infinitely better than working in a word processor. Here are the reasons that, as a [language] teacher, I advocate for working with Google Drive:

  1. Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration. It is SO much easier to share a Google doc, sheet, or presentation, and work on it with multiple people, than it is to make one regular document and then pass it around. Have an idea you want to work on with someone, or a list you want someone to see right away? Google Drive can make that happen for you.
  2. See changes in real-time. This is maybe my favorite part of using Google Drive. No, wait… I don’t think I can decide. But being able to see someone else’s edits as they make them, is pretty darn cool.
  3. Only have one version of a working document. I think this really is my favorite part. No multiple versions of the same doc, wondering if you have the latest version, or if your colleague’s version has the changes you made. Saves time, frustration, and those “missing” emails that always happen when you work on something with multiple people.
  4. Simple features. True, Google Docs isn’t going to make your document beautiful. But it has the simple features you need to get ideas on the screen, and you don’t waste time with unnecessary features.
  5. Work wherever you have internet access, and even when you don’t. You can access Google Drive on your smart phone or tablet, as well as your computer. You even have the option of choosing some documents to be available offline so you can work without wifi.
  6. It’s not just Google Docs. You’ve got Google Sheets, Presentations, Forms… You can do and collaborate on a lot.
  7. It’s not just for teachers. Jus think of the possibilities for your students—see all of the above, and consider the possibilities for implementing these tools in your classroom!
  8. Google offers training just for teachers. I’m putting together a how-to video with the basics, but Google itself offers some great training on how to use Drive and other apps in education.

These are just 8 of the reasons that Google Drive could mean easier collaboration and better results for you and your students. Want a basic tutorial on Google Drive and Google Docs? Then join me for a webinar on Thursday, August 27 at 8 am EDT! We’ll cover how to:

I hope you’ll join me! Please share this opportunity with others! Click the image below to sign up.
How Teachers Can Use Google Docs

Written by

Tammy Bjelland
Language lover, teacher & coach.

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