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Using Pinterest for language learning inspiration

If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, the electronic pinboard social media platform, it can be a useful tool in maintaining interest and inspiration in learning another language. I don’t know about you, but when I learn another language I’m interested  in more than just vocabulary and grammar. I want to be able to use the language to learn more about the culture that the language is used in. Sometimes it can be easy to lose interest in what our goals are among vocabulary practice and verb conjugations, so I like to remind myself of my various reasons for learning a language in as many ways as possible. Pinterest is one of the tools I use for this purpose, and I recommend it to you with a caveat: give yourself a time limit! It is all too easy to get sucked into people’s boards and keep searching and searching for things. If I don’t set a time limit for myself I can end up pinning DIY house improvement projects that I know I will never do, because I hate doing home improvement projects (note: I enjoy when my home is improved, but I would much rather leave that to experts than to my incapable and uninterested hands).

The following is a screen grab of the board that I dedicate to things that inspire me to learn French. I love lists, so anything with a list is pretty likely to make it to my board. I also love beautiful photographs, art, interesting maps, and infographics, especially of food and wine. And, being a linguaphile, learning materials also inspire me, so those will get pinned and if it’s a long blog post or an article, then I add the link to Pocket (this is handy and free app that makes it easy for you to store all those articles that you find across the web so you can read them later…I used to just have an Evernote list with the URLs of articles, or I would bookmark them in my browser, but Pocket has such a user-friendly interface and it syncs easily across devices).

pinterest inspirer

Pinterest makes it very easy to search for and find content that interests you, but make sure to click the link to make sure it actually leads to a website that A) works, B) is accurately represented by the pin, and C) is what you were looking for.

On days when I am feeling a little more reluctant to complete my daily challenge tasks, due to work or whatever else is on my plate that day, I try to spend five minutes on Pinterest looking for French-related content. Usually I need fewer than five minutes for my motivation to be restored, and then I’m back on track.

Do you use Pinterest? Do you have any great pins you’d like to share? Check me out on Pinterest at the Language in Bloom profile or my personal profile.

As for my progress so far on the language challenge, check out whether I’ve been doing all my daily tasks at this link. If you want to enter your information there too, just let me know and I’ll send you an invitation. You can also follow me on Twitter for more updates.

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Tammy Bjelland
Language lover, teacher & coach.

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