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Mistakes are the portals for discovery

Mistakes Are the Portals for Discovery - James Joyce

I struggled a little bit with my grammar and vocabulary practice today. As I advance in Duolingo and add on more verbs to my list, it’s getting harder to keep it all straight, and when I get tired I let Spanish infiltrate the study session! Today’s quote from James Joyce serves as a necessary reminder that the mistakes that we make are opportunities to learn about ourselves and our learning process. With today’s practice I’ve learned I need to take a little more time to memorize the meanings of verbs that look like similar verbs in Spanish, but are actually not quite the same. In future sessions I’ll be focusing on those verbs, and their conjugations, to establish them as ones I need to pay particular attention to.

What are some of the mistakes you find yourself making? What do they tell you about your individual learning style or situation?

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Tammy Bjelland
Language lover, teacher & coach.

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