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Language Coach Responsibility #9: Empower You to Be Your Own Guide

A good language teacher or language coach will give you the tools you need in order to feel confident and autonomous. This means that he/she encourages you to be your own guide, because ultimately, you are the one who is responsible for the results of your language learning process.

While having a teacher or coach is a tremendously helpful resource, remember that that is what they are meant to be: a resource, and not a magic ticket to language learning success. A teacher or coach will not do the work for you, and should challenge you to come up with your own solutions, your own schedule, strategies, and methods for self-assessment. Because of their experience, they will be able to provide you materials or resources as examples, but beware of prescriptive methods or someone who does not take into account your personal learning goals or styles.

Empowering you to be an autonomous language learner means that you won’t have to wait for a language class to get feedback, and you’re much more likely to use your time outside of class on constructive pursuits, instead of feeling lost. You should feel like you’re not only increasing your grasp of the language, but also your understanding of what methods are effective for you, and which are not. The more you can learn about your own personal language learning system, the better prepared you are to make real progress toward your goals.


Written by

Tammy Bjelland
Language lover, teacher & coach.

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