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Language Coach Responsibility #5: Promote Collaboration

We learn languages in order to communicate with other people, so it only makes sense that collaboration is a central tenet of language coaching.

Because studying itself is so often a solitary practice, it can be all too easy to isolate yourself to the point that collaboration and communicating with others simply doesn’t happen synchronously. Forums, emails, blog comments, are wonderful tools for communication, but they are asynchronous; while they should be part of your learning practice, they can’t be the ONLY forms of communication that you practice.

A language coach will encourage collaboration and hold you accountable for including synchronous communication practice in your language learning plan. Although your language coach in most cases won’t be your language partner (i.e. someone with whom you practice your target language), he or she can give you resources on how to find a good language partner, and how to use that time wisely; a language coach can also give you solutions to obstacles you might encounter in trying to work these kind of exercises into your routine. Additionally, collaboration with other language learners about study habits is an excellent way to maintain motivation; sharing experiences, advice, and encouragement cultivates solidarity, which can give a language learner more confidence and endurance to get through particularly difficult moments in the learning process.

How do you make sure you incorporate synchronous communication and collaboration as you study your target language?


Written by

Tammy Bjelland
Language lover, teacher & coach.

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