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Confessions of a Notebook Addict

I love a good notebook, and Moleskines are my favorite. I also love Evernote and organizing all my notes, so when I saw that Moleskine had partnered with Evernote to create a notebook that played nice with the online note syncing program, I decided to go ahead and order it. It arrived today and it. is. beautiful.

2014-10-09 14.30.52 From afar it looks like any other black notebook, but if you’ve used a Moleskine you know that it just feels good in your hand. I’m not a huge fan of lines pages but these pages are ruled so that they scan accurately into Evernote using the mobile app.

2014-10-09 15.17.20

It comes with stickers which makes me extra happy. They’re not your normal, everyday stickers, either – you use these to tag your notes and they get automatically organized once you upload your notes to Evernote.

2014-10-09 15.30.58
I haven’t started using it yet because I’m looking to dedicate some quality time this weekend to organizing myself and my plan before I get started; that quality time will include going through this guide on how to use all the features. This particular one is dedicated to my French notes, so I’ll post a detailed how-to once I get my process down.
The concept of this notebook is very exciting to me since I love writing notes by hand but I also love being able to have my notes on my electronic devices. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes!

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Tammy Bjelland
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5 responses to “Confessions of a Notebook Addict”

  1. I am a big Moleskine fan (in fact, I love stationery in general!) and I didn’t know they had this cool thing with Evernote. I’ll surely take a look and buy it, soon!

    • languageinbloom says:

      Let me know what you think of it, Cristóbal—I love writing on paper, but I also love the organizational power that comes with technology. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  2. Toranome says:

    I like notebooks too, but I’m not very good at organizing them. They end up in a mess and I don’t know where anything is. I would love some tips on how to organize them better (particularly for language learning).

    • languageinbloom says:

      I feel your pain! This is really where the Evernote integration comes in so handy—it does all my organization for me by using those tags. But one other way I organize my notebooks is to designate sections for different kinds of notes, and also designating a “contents” area on the front page(s) that I can add to. Numbering pages when you get a notebook also keeps me organized, because if I refer to a prior note, I can refer to the exact page number.

      This is getting so long, perhaps I’ll just do a whole post on it! Thanks for reading, and for the question!

      • Toranome says:

        Thanks for the tips; a whole post on this topic would indeed be great! I like smaller notebooks for my language notes, as they are more portable, but I think I need a ring binder format so I can expand each section as necessary.