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“Comparison is the thief of joy”

Comparison is the thief of joy ~ Theodore Roosevelt

This is a quote that I repeat to myself almost daily. I am not by nature a competitive person, so I wouldn’t say that I compare myself to others in a competitive way, but it IS difficult to start a new venture, look to experts, and balk at trying to implement their advice because you think you can never be like them.

The same holds true for learning a language. The quickest way to fail is to compare yourself to someone who has already achieved your goal (whether it is fluency, etc.). OF COURSE you don’t speak like they do – they are at a completely different point in their journey. But, I promise you, they have already been in your position!

Of course, hearing of other people’s successes, when done in moderation, can serve as inspiration. Just make sure to keep your self-deprecation in check and remind yourself that these success stories should be INSPIRING you, not discouraging you from continuing on. Don’t compare yourself with these success stories, just turn to them when you’re in need of an example of the attainability of your goals.

The only person you should continually compare yourself with is YOU. That’s why keeping track of your goals and progress is so important. Go back every month and review your progress to see how far you’ve come, and you can actually see that your goals are within reach.

Remember, look to examples of success as INSPIRATION not COMPARISON. Don’t let the tendency to compare yourself to others steal your joy of learning a new language!

Written by

Tammy Bjelland
Language lover, teacher & coach.

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