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Business of Language Episode 4: Interview with Sean Graber, CEO of Virtuali

In this episode of the Business of Language Podcast, I get to interview one of my former students! Honestly, one of the best parts of teaching is getting to meet people who go on to do inspiring work, and Sean Graber is a perfect example.

Sean Graber is co-founder and CEO of Virtuali, a company that specializes in helping companies attract, develop, and engage employees with really unique learning experiences. Their flagship program—called Go!—is a fusion of MBA and study abroad. They also have a series of 1-day workshops. In this interview, Sean shares the vision and impetus that created Virtuali, as well as the impact that studying Spanish has had on his career.

Find out more about the Go! program.

To find out more about Virtuali, visit

Many thanks to Sean for speaking with me about his experiences!


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Tammy Bjelland
Language lover, teacher & coach.

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