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Bucket List

For #FlashbackFriday, check out this snippet of my bucket list at age 17. I’m not sure if I knew back then that it was indeed called a bucket list; in my journal it’s just a list of things I wanted to accomplish before age 30. Well, now I’m 32, so let’s see how I did…

bucket list
Now this is just a snippet, mind you, but I was struck by how living abroad and learning other languages were repeated goals. I still haven’t tried Dutch, and I didn’t get to live in London or the Netherlands, and there is just no way I would ever run a marathon (I don’t have any clue why is that is even on there –  I’ve never liked to run!), but I did go to college and graduate school, live in Spain, become fluent in Spanish, and I sailed around the world on Semester at Sea (not by myself in a sailboat; that can’t possibly be what I meant when I wrote that list, right?).

This was just one of many lists of goals I had when growing up. I am sure I had more lists in college, too, but I stopped keeping a regular journal after high school, so I’m not sure where those lists went. I have always loved the idea of crossing items off a list, and in the case of the bucket list, I have to say it does feel good to look back and see that I actually accomplished some of the things high-school-senior Tammy dreamed about.

Did you keep a bucket list when you were younger? If so, what was on it? How have your goals changed since then?

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Tammy Bjelland
Language lover, teacher & coach.

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