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Back to School

It’s the day after Labor Day, which means it’s back to school for many counties across the United States. Never mind that in my area, some schools have been back since the first or second week of August, in my mind, the start of the school year is always in September, and always after a three-day weekend. If you are starting today, Happy First Day of School!

I loved school, so I always looked forward to the first day back in the fall. I still get nostalgic around this time of year; I have fond memories of buying brand new school supplies, clothes, and feeling like the brand new academic year was the perfect opportunity for a fresh start, even more so than a new calendar year. I loved, and love, the idea that I was embarking on a new adventure.

Which leads me to this: I’m happy to say that the Traditional First Day of School also coincides with my own return to the classroom as a student – I will be taking French classes starting this evening, at my language school in Winchester, VA. I figured it was about time that I take advantage of the unique benefits I have of owning a language school – access to language classes! It’s been a year since we started offering classes at our location downtown, a perfect time for me to shift gears from being a teacher and administrator and to be a student again. I’ll also be returning to my Italian studies on Wednesdays; being enrolled in two languages will be like a return to my undergraduate years when I could not enroll in enough language classes. I’ll be sharing more about my concrete goals in learning French and getting back into Italian in future posts and I’ll also track my progress on this blog.

Do you also consider the end of summer to be a good time to start something new? What are you planning on learning this fall?

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Tammy Bjelland
Language lover, teacher & coach.

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