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About this blog: One person, many perspectives

This blog is a series of observations by me, Tammy Bjelland, about learning languages. These observations are told from my perspective(s) as a student, teacher, language coach, and a citizen of the world.

As a teacher, I’ll post tools & downloads that you can use in your language-learning journey, and general thoughts on language acquisition from a pedagogical perspective.

As a language coach, I’ll share tips on how to stay motivated, tools for accountability, and inspirational stories of people who are living (and speaking!) the dream.

As a student, I’ll share my own goals of learning languages, and the frustrations and joys that come with any new challenge.

As a global citizen, I’ll reflect on the importance of discovering and understanding other cultures.

There are other perspectives that might sneak into some of my posts, like a critical perspective (a lingering remnant of my time in academia) or from my point of view as a language school owner/director. I’ll also include guest blog posts, and a podcast with interviews with other language learners/teachers/coaches, so that as many perspectives are included as possible.

I advocate sharing goals with others for accountability, and that’s just what this post is: a public declaration of my goals for this blog. Thanks for reading and for bearing witness to my declaration!

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